battt @ bett

So, the annual Bett conference is here at last. I (BGW) have never been to one before and must admit, am a tad excited. The staff room is a buzz of: “Geek.” “Nerd.” “Geeky nerd.” And other such affections. I am to indulge in a little game of spot the tweeter; will attend the odd seminar; have a coffee; pick up some freebies for B&S; meet my asymmetrical twin and then move onto my first Teachmeet south of the border*

I am then told there is an eat-all-you-can style food thing. That’s where I earn my money.

So, if you’re going, see you there.

Oh, also… we’re promoting battt and @batttuk – help us spread the love and I may even buy you a doughnut**




**I won’t

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