Battt Beginnings

Thank you!!!!!!

Easy to say, hard to mean. We genuinely mean it – thank you for your support of this little campaign to get more Teachers to discover just how fantastic Twitter is!

The past few weeks have been incredibly busy, and it has been amazing to get so much support from you. Today, we discovered that other teachers in other countries are taking the #battt-on (apologies for the pun) and running with it in their own countries too! Fantastic!

If you only do one thing this week – follow all the people who use the #battt hashtag. They might not be people you normally follow, but then, does that really matter? They are teachers who are keen for ideas, support and inspiration!

If you only do two things this week – follow anyone with the #battt hashtag, and actually introduce someone to Twitter. Don’t worry about when you do this, or even if it is part of the way through the week. We just built it around a week as a helpful focus point – if this doesn’t work for you, don’t worry!

If you only do three things this week – do the two things above, and see if your plans fit in with our print-out-and-cut-out-and-keep-oh-hold-on-you-could-just-read-it-from-the-screen list of what the #battt team are up to (and will be tweeting you about) this week:

Lose the egg grow a biog
Get them Twitterised, put a picture there and have something for the biog – the more the better we say! Jobs, interests, skills, hobbies – TELL US MORE, TELL US MORE

This is also the day to panic-buy a present and card for Valentines day.

Follow away! Please follow all with the #battt hashtag – you may discover something new!
Encourage your newbie to do the same. Get them to introduce themselves! You introduce them to the world! Introduce each other to… oh, you get the idea.

Solve a problem

Can you help me with?
Have you got ideas for?
Who can recommend…?

Demonstrate how twitter can really work as active CPD. RT the heck out of any question with a #battt hashtag. Show how far help can spread, and come back from!

Hashtag Heaven!
#Ukedchat have given us our own gig to share the wonders of twitter for teachers. But what are they? We want to have six ten minute blocks of inspiration, so tell us what you think is best and we’ll create a CHART! Everyone loves charts! (Many thanks to the wonderful @ICTmagic for pulling some digital strings on this one!)

It’s #ff time!
Share the love. Who do you get most from, and why? Encourage the same from the newbies! And don’t forget to use the #battt so we can all share the recommendations. Top tip – say WHY someone is a #ff, a tweet with a list of cool-sounding teachers frankly helps no-one. Try several tweets, each with two or three people, and why they are worth a follow.

Relax! You’ve just earned 50 #coolpoints.

Lastly, here is the pledge you agreed to sign up and keep:

T – Tell my existing followers to be nice and friendly to my new twitter friend
W – Welcome my new friend x to Twitter by announcing them LOUDLY on Monday, 11th February
I – Initiate conversations by using the #battt hashtag, and explain what hashtags are
T – Tart up their homepage with a brief bio (School/subjects/interests/other) and photo (face/mug/shoe/snack)
T – Teach them how to follow other people, answer questions, ask questions and join in
E – Educate them in Twitter etiquette and encourage them to seek out new followers
R – Revel in the pleasure of passing on the good gifts which Twitter can bestow!

Many many thanks! If Ben (@mrwaldram) or I (Stephen, @mrlockyer) get a bit slack responding to the @batttuk account, give us a nag, or even a word of encouragement! We *think* that we will have brought over 100 teachers to twitter thanks to you – that’s over one double decker filled with enthusiastic teachers (…obeying the Health & Safety rules of buses. And the bus wouldn’t be moving, or the others not included would be left behind. I’m going to abandon the bus imagery. Sorry.)

All the best,

Ben (The tall one) and Stephen (The small one)

PS Please please please let us know how you’ve got on. We’ll try our best to RT all #battt messages and blog any cool stories you email us. Let’s change some lives people! Or at least, help a few teachers out!

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