Battt Club

1: The first rule of Battt Club is DO talk about Battt Club.

2: The second rule of Battt Club is DO talk about Battt Club.

3: Encourage, cajole, press-gang, tempt, pay, confuse a teacher onto twitter.

4: Get them to add the app to their smart phone (if they have one).

5: Get them to change their profile photo from a nameless, featureless egg.

6: Show them your bio and get them to update theirs too.

7: Show them a few people to follow – @batttuk @mrwaldram @mrlockyer @ukedcchat @ICTmagic and yourself are a few good pointers – there are hundreds more!

8: Explain what a #hashtag is – easier said than done.

9: Get them to RT someone and favourite some things they find useful.

10: Get them to join in #ukedchat on Thursday evening between 20:00 and 21:00

11: Set them a challenge to ask for help/advice/resource and see what responses they get.

12: Let them loose upon the digital world and accept praise and, possibly, a small present later.

13: The final rule of Battt Club is, if this is your first time at Battt Club, you gotta battt.



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