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It seems that battt has rung a chord with many of you. Since we kicked off only a week ago at the Bett show’s after-edu party: TMBETT2013 loads of educators have shown us their personal posts and views on the wonder that is the digital staffroom; the free and wide-spreading CPD and the network that is twitter.

One of the majorly exciting things is that several teachers have also expressed their desire to set up a battt in their country. So far, we have had suggestions for batttusa, batttie, batttau, batttcz – who else wants to kick start this in their country?

We will aim to put links to any of those posts here. We may stumble upon them or they may get nudged our way. If you know of others, let us know.

Eric & Ernie

@philpfromsc Only a small proportion of teachers are on Twitter. Phil Parker argues why tweeting can really help to improve your teaching, among other benefits... Full post HERE.

@dragonfly_edu Right, So I know what you’re thinking… Dragonfly Training, a provider of Continued Professional Development (CPD) are about to rubbish the possibilities of finding effective, worthwhile advice and teaching techniques on a social media site. If so, then you’d be wrong. Full post HERE

@irritabletech Firstly, create policies which stop people losing their job, rather than stop people doing their job – a quote I often come out with now. Full post HERE.

@therobharrison The common response from colleagues when I say I’m on Twitter is “why would I want to know what Stephen Fry is up to?”, I normally respond with, I don’t, you have a choice of who you follow and that is the power of Twitter. It is like a virtual staff room, the ability to share a tweet with your followers and they will potentially share this with another colleague or respond with an answer to that all important question. Full post HERE.

@davidobst The other occasion is the TeachMeet that takes place on Friday evening after the show. During the last year I had the opportunity to watch and participate two TeachMeets over Twitter and livestream. The main idea is that teachers share their best-practice examples in 7-minute or 2-minute-nano-presentations to inspire other teachers, so that everybody gets involved. Full post HERE.

@stephenconnor7 From an education standpoint, Twitter can be your biggest resource base. Follow the right people, and they will leave a little trail of breadcrumbs, leading you to other interesting and like-minded folk. Full post HERE.

@ideas_factory Julian has a massive range of resources too numerous to mention here – click the link and see the wealth. Quality

@ianaddison What’s the point of Twitter? You hear about it on the news and in magazines and it seems to be something celebrities use to share information and useless facts with the world. But is there more to it? Full post HERE

@ianaddison Lists are a feature where you can group certain users together. I could have lots of lists but I tend to just have a few. The purpose and power of lists. Full post HERE.

@seomraranga Called Bring A Teacher To Twitter (using the hashtags #battt or #batttuk), the aim is to get experienced Twitter teachers to show other teachers the great benefits of using Twitter for educational purposes. Full post HERE

@primaryideas “Join Twitter” “You’re not on Twitter. Why not?”These were some of the comments I received in January and February 2011. I didn’t see a need to ‘be on Twitter’, I thought I didn’t really have anything to say and didn’t really understand what it was all about. Full Post HERE

@ictevangelisWhat is a PLN? Many people describe it as their Personal or Professional Learning Network – certainly for me, joining Twitter has been the single best thing I have ever done in terms of developing myself professionally. Full post HERE (Plus loads and loads more – well worth a look!)

Author unknown – found by @ideas_factory Teaching can be a lonely business. In a school where lessons are long and lunchtimes are short, not enough conversations between teachers I work with are about learning. We simply don’t have time. Twitter can be like a virtual staffroom for me, which I can step into when it suits me. Full post HERE

@kingduncanking In the past, if you were looking for new ideas, perhaps your best option was to attend an external inset course. When these are run well and attended by like-minded individuals they can provide meaningful learning experiences and teachers return to school full of new ideas and enthusiasm. Full post HERE

@mrmathsteacher I created my @MrMathsTeacher twitter account on the 16th of November 2011 ( and started following people who tweet about maths teaching and education. Very quickly I realised how fantastic twitter is to learn more about teaching, to find new resources and to have your thinking challenged. Full post HERE

@brambruggeman For any (future) teacher or professional, setting up a Personal Learning Network (PLN) is important. Amazing what a good PLN can do for you as a lifelong learner … Full post with links HERE

@pavkahu Social media offers some great opportunities for learning in the classroom, bringing together the ability to collaborate, access worldwide resources, and find new and interesting ways to communicate in one easily accessible place. Great post with 60 links. Full details HERE.

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