Pimpin’ the Profile

Great, so you’re longer an egg – good start. Now let’s make sure you change your bio to something interesting, exciting, humorous even. The key here is to sell yourself in as few as words as possible. You only have 160 characters, so you’ve got to be brief.

If you have a blog or a webpage that you would like people to be directed to, stick that in too. You want to make people read your bio and think: ‘Ooh, they’re a little like me…’ or ‘Hey, they sound like they might have some good ideas.’ I rarely follow anyone back if they don’t have a bio or a blog or something that tells me who they are and what they do…

Below are a few of my favourite: short and sweet. And daft.




And, of course, Sir Stephen of Fry.


Plus, my example:


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