What the # are hashtags?

What the # are hashtags?

To show the power and use of twitter, we thought it would be good to get your opinion on what a hashtag is, in fewer than 140 characters.

We set this challenge:

battt tag

These are some of the best responses:

@ianaddison a hashtag is a keyword or acronym to help group related tweets together. It can also be used to search through tweets.

@10km42 it’s a filing system that clips all related tweets together in a giant paperclip making them easier to follow #batt

@ecarsontc #hashtag = searchable & followable grouping for tweets

Also, see this great post from @dragonfly_edu

Here is a snippet about hashtags. If you want to see the whole post, click HERE.

The 1st question we hear every day is, ‘What is a hashtag?

In basic terms, a hashtag is simply a word or phrase with no gaps which is preceded by a ‘#’.

With Twitter containing over 200 million active users, finding the topic you are looking for can seem like finding a needle in a hay stack. The hashtag ‘#’ used before the word/phrase allows it to become a findable term and creates a mini eco-system or forum where other like-minded tweeters can share and consume information related to that particular hashtag. For example, if you want to share a resource that you have created for MFL lessons using an iPad you could tweet using the hashtags #MFL #iPad (more on hashtags to use for specific sharing). Other tweeters can then search for these hashtags and thus the sharing begins.

If you want to convey a message to a specific person you simply include their twitter handle (their @ address e.g. @Dragonfly_Edu). You can include more than one person, if you wish to send a group tweet.

So now that the basics are covered, here are our Top 5 hashtags to follow, contribute and consume information from.

Dragonfly’s Top 5 Twitter Hashtags

  1. #ukedchat – UK Education- Join #ukedchat every Thursday between 8-9pm for educators Twitter chat. Vote which topic you would like to be discussed prior to a session at http://ukedchat.com.
  2. #ukedtech – UK technology in education.  Follow for all general education technology related subjects. Alternatively you can use #iPaded for iPad related discussion.
  3. #SLTchat – Created by @teachertoolkit Senior Leadership Team Chat forum for ALL Teachers & Business Managers interested in UK school leadership. To follow the conversation be online Sundays at 8-8.30pm, to see future topics go to  http://teachertoolkit.me/sltchat-forum
  4. #Education – All things education, but useful to monitor general education news and updates.
  5. #Teaching – Generally used for information and conversations directed at teachers, also used when posting teaching jobs – if you’re looking for your next move this is one to watch.

Other useful hashtag’s for teachers in Wales are #addcym and for those in Ireland #EdChatie

Also, see this Guardian article for further information.

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