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Twittering teachers

Teachers, twitter is just too good for you to miss out on the full benefits just because you are worried about your students following you! There is no doubt it is the best form of CPD out there – it is on tap and it is free!  Therefore, you MUST have a public account and make the most of it.

If you follow these guidelines – your students will be proud to see your profile on twitter as what child would not feel a massive sense of pride that THEIR teacher wants to provide the absolute best for his / her students by keeping totally up to date with best practice.  It’s a no-brainer!   So…….

  • Do always remember your public profile as a teacher, so only tweet what you would say in a professional conversation at work.

  • Do use the name you would be happy for students / parents to know – so avoid the embarrassing / endearing nicknames from years ago!

  • Do carefully select your avatar – would you be happy for this to be projected in assembly / staff meeting?  If so, go for it!

  • Do provide a bio.  Think (with caution) about how much detail you are going to reveal about what school you work in.  Are you going to describe the type of school or go ‘full hog’ and give the name / post code??

  • Do not use twitter for chatting or personal conversation – use direct messages instead.

  • Do not follow / retweet or direct message your students.

  • Do not upload pictures of your students / school to your twitter account.

  • Do not express personal views on your school / colleagues or students in the public forum.

Finally, join twitter and get the most from this incredible CPD opportunity.  Get twittering teacher!

N.B. It’s always good to check your own school’s AUP to make sure what sort of thing they will/won’t allow. BGW


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