Battt Guest Post 2 by Rachael Edgar

By @dubai_teachmeet

I have been asked to write about how Twitter has changed my teaching and boy has it done that and more in the space of 8 weeks… I came across Ross McGills @teachertoolkit account whilst using my personal account one day and started to read more about the concept of ‘Teach meets’. I created my professional account @Dubai_Teachmeet with the intention of bringing this form of CPD to Dubai.

Little did I know what an Aladdin’s cave of innovative, cutting edge Teaching and Learning strategies I was about to stumble across! It is CPD heaven and it is exciting to be a part of this underground personalised learning revolution! How has it changed my teaching?

Firstly it has made me more self-reflective; I am now constantly looking for new and better ways of improving my practice. Secondly I have been inspired by the brilliance of so many educators on it, to read the work of people clearly at the top of their game is highly motivating. It is reassuring to know there are likeminded people out there who simply love being teachers and are passionate about Teaching and Learning, who selflessly share their resources and thoughts on education. I will probably never meet the majority of these people in the flesh but they push my thinking forward on a daily basis.

Thirdly it can openSAM_0333 up so many doors for you professionally, it has inspired me to create a T&L blog for my school, I am writing for the T&L website and I present at my first Teach Meet in 2 week’s time! Not bad for 2 months in..

So yep the rumours are true, Twitter is simply the best and most supportive staffroom in the world! Also getting out of the bubble of your classroom or school and being able to participate in gems such as #SLTchat, as a new member of SLT has been invaluable to me, even if it is on way past my bedtime!

Summing it all we actually need to be connected to be great? A matter of opinion I guess, I agree that there are strong teachers that have not yet connected via social media, but just think how much stronger we all could become if they did….

Rachael Edgar

#battt #bastt

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