Battt Guest Post 5 by Hannan Tyreman

By @hannahtyreman

My name is Hannah Tyreman and I live my life at 140 characters at a time.

Any teacher on Twitter who isn’t saying the same, is far too newly hatched… or in a state of addiction denial.


Unlike many other addictions, which are harmful to health (kids, just say no!) Twitter is an addiction to embrace wholeheartedly and fall in love with.

There may well be pauses and breaks in your passionate love affair but it will return with renewed vigour and surprise you with its possibilities all over again.

I might be in the renewing of wedding vows stage of the relationship now (things move fast in the Twittersphere). Since my recent return to Twitter, I have gained so many new ideas that have transformed my practice. Some of the aspects that have had the largest impact on my teaching have been:

Writing on windows

Silent debating

Poundland Pedagogy!

5 minute lesson plan

Technology ideas

I have been writing on my blog with fresh enthusiasm and my love for teaching has been reignited as a result. I have fully embraced the unique CPD and networking opportunities offered.

That’s not to say that this dangerous substance doesn’t come without considerable health warnings.

Warning 1

Be prepared for conversations that are only ever on the verge of taking place in the staffroom.  Give a teacher their Tweeting weapons and some are fully equipped for a fight before you’ve even stepped into the ring. Keep your dignity at all times and walk away from any such confrontations with your head held high.

Warning 2

You will remain invisible from many if you do not heed the advice of your elders. Get a profile picture, use @ and # to avoid tweeting soundlessly into the ether.

Warning 3

Being a magpie is great but it’s only so long before you are unable to move for your sparkling hoard of resources, ideas, voices, blogs, activities, links… Take care with who you follow and what you choose to save.

Warning 4

Give any new idea time, testing and thought before unleashing it relentlessly on your unwitting students or ruthlessly ruling it out completely.

Warning 5

On Twitter, five minutes will quickly turn into 20, one idea will turn into ten and 30 followers will turn into 300.

Who would have thought CPD could come in a drug with a trip as powerful and enjoyable as this? Aside from the side effects, withdrawal symptoms, and disapproval from friends, family and colleagues a like… Twitter really is worth the leap.

Take a look at this link for all the recommendations from other great Tweachers:

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