Battt Guest Post 6 by Danielle Kohlman

danielle 2By @kohlmand

Since joining twitter I have…

  1. Gained my first outstanding in a lesson observation with the help of the structure of #5minlessonplan.
  2. Developed a marking feedback tool and shared at whole school CPD, based on a model used by @renniesherrie.
  3. Bought a visualizer to project students work up instantly to the board. Price, make and model recommended by @57mason at a teachmeet (used in the outstanding lesson!)
  4. Become way more adventurous with IT resulting in:

à Buying the visualizer.

à Recording videos using puppetpals app on iphone (recommended by someone but can’t remember who!)

à Creating fun online games for students using @zondle’s website

à Started to investigate the feasibility of a class set of ipads.

àSigning up to @scienceweekuk and entering the school in 2 competions and winning a webcam and hydrogen fuel cell car!

  1. Been to a teachmeet-If you haven’t DO IT!
  2. Set up half-termly in school mini teachmeets to promote school wide sharing of good practice.
  3. Assisted in remodelling the school CPD programme following suggestions at #pedagoolondon.
  4. Set up a school twitter account, @fernhillscience, that can be integrated into lesson activities to promote engagement, share students work and connect with the world. Students have chatted to the UK space agency using the account!
  5. Magpied a ridiculous number of display ideas, resources and marking tips through blogs, tweets and photos. Some of my favourite steals are from @HThompson1982,@dandesignthink, @davidfawcett27 & @annebradshaw88 @specialsciteach.
  6. Become more prepared to apply for a job as a middle leader due to following @SLTchat, @ukedchat, @MLTchat, keeping abreast of topical issues and gaining a snapshot related opinions, strategies and solutions.
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