#batttweek posts

#batttweek 2 took place this week (3rd – 7th Jun; the weekend too, why not?) and you may have missed some of our posts. Take a look, dive in, show them some support and tweet to the world.

Thanks, big love, Battt(y)

@ict_mrp “I had my own personal account where I followed friends, sports stars etc but had nothing to do with teaching – I had no idea the power of twitter as a teacher.”  HERE

@dubai_teachmeet “Little did I know what an Aladdin’s cave of innovative, cutting edge Teaching and Learning strategies I was about to stumble across!” HERE

@ianaddison “…Twitter gives me a tiny window into some other classrooms around the country and around the world.” HERE

@teachertweaks “I can honestly say that my pedagogical practice has developed more in the last six weeks than it has in the previous two years.” HERE

@hannahtyreman “Unlike many other addictions, which are harmful to health (kids, just say no!) Twitter is an addiction to embrace wholeheartedly and fall in love with.”  HERE

@kohlmand “I Set up half-termly in school mini teachmeets to promote school wide sharing of good practice.” HERE

@johnmayo “So when I heard about #battt at TMBETT last Feb, I immediately jumped on the bandwagon as it would be worth doing just for the #batttie hashtag alone.” HERE

@ICTMagic “Over the past two and a half years, my involvement in the social teaching community has revolutionised the way I teach and the way I see CPD, from a largely passive experience to an all consuming passion.” HERE


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