#batttie by @johnmayo

Great post for #batttweek from @johnmayo (John Heffernan)

The Irish are a sociable albeit peculiar race. Everyone might not know everyone else but they know someone that knows the someone that you know. If Kevin Bacon was Irish, we would be dealing with 3 degrees not six.

At every social event, two strangers who are Irish, start this conversational dance in some form.

“Do you know Paul Murphy, he was from your neck of the woods, he was known as Spacer in college, got kicked in the head as a young lad, used to wear blue jumper…”

“I know the guy you are on about but I didn’t know him at all, but I knew his brother who used to wear a green jumper …… “

As the teaching profession in Ireland is quite small and compact, chances are you have subbed with, supervised exams with, sat next to in college, attended inservice with, met at a subject association or union event, attended a 21st, etc. etc. with some else who is also a teacher that you have meet since.

Initially when I found twitter and thought about it for teachers, I thought every Irish teacher was going to be connected anyways through Facebook and might not take to this new social network. The first time I demoed twitter was at the first CESIMEET in Feb 2009, the hashtag we were using was a populated as a Wild West street scene with tumbleweed rolling in the dust. The advent of #edchatie by @fboss brought the twitter machine from the early adaptors to the early majority.

So when I heard about #battt at TMBETT last Feb, I immediately jumped on the bandwagon as it would be worth doing just for the #batttie hashtag alone.


Aside did Nora Batty pop into your head as well when you read #batttie ???

Alas @seomraranga bet me to it, http://www.seomraranga.com/2013/02/bring-a-teacher-to-twitter/  and started #batttie as soon as #batttuk launched.  As more and more CPD is now referring to twitter as a way of connecting teachers as well as hashtag groups emerging. Twitter is now mainstreaming within the more digitally aware teachers. Even teaching unions annual conferences are using hashtags. There was a book crowd sourced through the #howIlearn hashtag with has also brought more into twitter community. #batttie did bring a bump in followers initially as Feburary moved in March and school holidays . As primary and secondary schools in Ireland have a shorter school year than in the UK, and other events take precedence in the school calendar.

#batttie going forward probably needs a set day or week at a time of the year that won’t be overwhelmed by other events. #edchatie celebrates a 100 editions in September which might bring a fitting tie in for the next #batttie. A twitter teacher meetup under the #batttie banner might encourage a few more to drag along a newbie with them.

So instead of two teachers talking about a fictional Paul Murphy, one might whisper to another

                “I am following you on twitter…”

Actually come to think of it, I do know a teacher called Paul Murphy….


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