Twitter Magic – guest post by @ICTMagic

Magical Inspiration

Guest post for #battt from Martin Burrett @ICTMagic

There is a place where wonders can be found. A place where magical ideas ebb and flow. Where many gather to be the best they can be. Imagine having group of passionate educators from around the world that can help you and your class do things better. This is the power of Twitter. You can handpick your ideal, ‘fantasy’ staffroom who can offer you more advice, ideas, lesson plans and resources than you could possibly ever use in a tantalising, never-ending conveyor belt of teaching nuggets and pedagogical perfection.

I began my Twittical adventure in December 2010. I decided that I had something to give to a wider group of educators and that I could beg/borrow/steal from others to improve my own practice and improve the education of the children in my care. Over the past two and a half years, my involvement in the social teaching community has revolutionised the way I teach and the way I see CPD, from a largely passive experience to an all consuming passion. I am able to debate with every section of the educational world and I can converse with some of the brightest and interesting educational thinkers.

What do you have to do in return for revolutionising your teaching and your professional development? To collaborate with like-minded professionals and find great resources and ideas? As little or as much as you choose. Hopefully you will post a few ideas about what works well in your class. It would be great if you could share your wisdom and classroom resources with the community. Twitter is not about how many followers you have or even the latest cat GIF meme. It’s about what is shared to help and interest others. Try it and inspire others to be the best they can be.

Find an abundance of inspirational resources created and collated at Martin’s site

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2 Responses to Twitter Magic – guest post by @ICTMagic

  1. Andy Knill says:

    Martin exemplifies the sharing through twitter through his ICTMagic materials, involvement in ukedchat, teachmeet wizardry and a great friend gained.

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