The Feedback Phenomena (Phase 1) @cragmccann

Great post about feedback…


I consider myself to be more of a passive member of the twitter teaching community, passionate about trying new ideas, approaches and concepts which I encounter online. I know I’m not on my own when I say I fit into the category of the ’social sideliner’, rather than take a leading role of the ever-growing ’Twitter Hierarchy’. Having said that, without them, my learners would still be encountering ‘less engaging’ and ‘more predictable’ lesson experiences.

Having been part of the Twitter Teaching Community for two years, I feel I must share with you the list of must keep influential teachers that have had an enormous impact on my motivation to deliver higher quality lessons. Thankfully PE teachers don’t carry the ageing stereotypical label as being the teachers who sit back, deliver drills and take the football teams. We have evolved over time because of the work of teachers like @davidfawcett27, @sarahjpe, @shaun_allison, @TeamTait, @RealGeoffBarton, ASTsupportAAli to…

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