A BETTer bit of BATTT banter…

It’s been almost a year since I wrote my first pre-BETT excitement POST and then the follow up post BATTT @ BETT.

A year. And what a lot has happened. My third child was born and is dangerously close to being a year old (how I was allowed to go to BETT at all is beyond me); I’ve changed jobs; have been Ofstedded three times and several other things that only #distresseddad could tell you.

I can’t believe that @batttuk is a year old – we celebrate its first birthday very soon. I am so pleased with how I use my twitter account, the PLN I have developed is supportive and encouraging and always there, with ideas, sage counsel and often, amusing pictures. I have made some genuine friendships – some of whom I’ve met in the flesh. Like, for real. It’s amazing seeing someone who has existed purely as an avatar and 140 characters.

So, this Friday I will be attending BETT, I’ll be bringing an old colleague @njthurly along for the ride and, hopefully, speaking at the Teachmeet. I’m giddily excited to meet up with my battting partner, Stevo (@mrlockyer) and all the other ‘chums’ I’ve met along the way.

See you all on Friday.


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