The Pursuit of Purging the Gap for Pupil Premium Students by @ASTSupportaali

A very useful guide from Amjad. Well worth a read. Lots of links too.


*UPDATED- 13/02/15*

Here is my PowerPoint presentation I shared with my staff to further raise awareness about our Disadvantaged Pupils. It includes my top tips based on the EEF toolkit on practices which make the most measurable impact for ALL Secondary School Students.

Click here for a detailed write up of this PowerPoint. Where I give examples for each of the top tips.



In August 2014 I took over the responsibility of Pupil Premium funding; its allocation, use and impact. I therefore wanted to share with you some of my thoughts… and learn from many of you? My idea is to…

“…Use the collective knowledge we have out there in the big world of social media, to share some of the inspiring, effective strategies that are put in place, to help reduce/close/narrow the gap for Pupil Premium/Free School Meal Students.”

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