benwaldram75@gmail.com or mr.lockyer@gmail.com

batttuk is run by Ben Waldram and Stephen Lockyer, or, as the ladies know them better: Arnie and Danny.

(I’m on the left) BGW


So, what is battt? Well, if you’re a Twitter user, you already know how powerful it is, how useful it can be? A digital staffroom, where someone, somewhere will have an answer for you.

You can go to Twitter to vent your frustrations; to ask for help; to make someone smile; to have someone make you smile. A place where you can be as open or as anonymous as you like. Yes, there are things you need to be careful of and many questions you will want answers to. Should I let parents or pupils follow me? Should I block my account? Should I use hashtags? What the heck are hashtags?


We know the benefits of Twitter, we use it sensibly (most of the time) and we are careful (some of the time) and occasionally say something helpful or funny or encouraging (all of the time 😉 ) so we thought it would be great if even more teachers were on Twitter. Check the infographic below to give you a quick insight. (click to enlarge)


Fancy the challenge? Think you can convince a member or members of your staff to join the Twitter train? Sign up HERE and you will be helping them, helping us. Unlike our school, this staffroom is unlimited in size, our doors are open – let’s welcome you in.

Ben Waldram is an assistant head at a junior school in Derby, he loves his job and is in charge of ICT; Y6 transfer & transition and SATs arrangements; CPD; AG&T; children’s camps; Y6 business projects; Investors In Pupils – Jobs; a hundred other things and the Fridge. He has a wife and two (and a half) children and likes tea.

He also eats more kebabs than he should.

See the Distressed Dad blog

and the Desk Clutter blog

Stephen Lockyer is a Deputy Head in the south of England, is a father of four and adores innovation, creativity and lifelong learning. He is mastering the ancient art of Timetabling, and sees Technology as important, but not as vital as it may at first be seen. He is distinctly smaller than Ben Waldram, and only met him through Twitter.

He loves a kebab.

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