Battt Resources

If you have anything, you want to add to this page, please tweet or email us. We’d be glad to put it on here and promote it. 

Here is a fantastic PDF courtesy of @leoniejane via @progenitorman download it, fantastic – especially if you’re still looking for tips to make your twitter work in the best way it can.


Handy PDF guide on 7 tips for social media. Downloadable for free via @schools_news


60 Inspiring ways to use Twitter via @pavkahu bundles of stuff via @david_obst

The digital hoard via @ictmagic

#5minplan and more via @teachertoolkit

Blogging & Google advice via @ianaddison

Everything you need via @ideas_factory

Recommended blogs and treasure trove of resources via @mrwickenspe

A great range of T&L resources via @ASTsupportaali

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