Fellow Battters

See below for where battt is taking off in other countries.

We are really pleased with the impact that battt appears to have had since its birth and are especially pleased that many teachers and educators want to adopt it for their country too.

These are the hashtags you need and some of the main people to contact. If you want to set up a battt account or hashtag for your country, please let us know and we can add you to the list. Also, if you are promoting one of the below and your name is not on the list, tell us.

#batttie battt in Ireland @johnmayo @seomraranga

#batttusa battt in America @wwpscience

#batttcz battt in Czech Republic @pavkahu

#batttau battt in Australia @vanweringh

#batttbe battt in Belgium @brambruggeman

#batttro battt in Romania @bucharesttutor

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